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Elegant Silver 925 Created Moissanite Magic Square Necklace Pendant- Best Fine Jewellery Prices by Jewellery Supermarket

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Magic Square Necklace Pendant lab-created moissanite or man-made moissanite is silicon carbide formed as a single crystal. It is available as near colourless or as a limited number of green and yellow tints. Most people prefer lab-created moissanite or synthetic diamond as they are inexpensive, more durable, and more sparky then a natural diamond.

Our Moissanite Square Necklace Pendant looks great, so no one will question it. Moissanite outperforms diamonds hand down no matter what price point diamond you may have been shopping for!

  • Exquisite gift magic square necklace for women.
  • Made of high-quality rhinestone and gold plated necklace.
  • A soft and square pendant surrounded by white gold to complete any evening or date look.
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